Successful Entrepreneurs

There’s more to being a successful entrepreneur than staying focused on your goals and putting in the hard work. You’ll also quickly come to realise that you’ll need to make a number of difficult decisions and sacrifices along the way. The good news is that, in some instances, just like these 10 SA entrepreneurs who built their businesses from zero, giving up a little can get you a whole lot more in the long run. Here are a few examples.

Putting limitations on your social life

If you desire success, you’ll need to dedicate all of your time and resources to finding new customers and nurturing your existing ones. This often means that your teenage social life will take a big knock. Along with minimal time, as you hone your skills and learn more about other important issues concerning your business, you might also find yourself relating less to teens your age and gravitating more to older, more knowledgeable individuals. As such, there’ll be an opportunity to find a mentor to help guide you through the challenges that you’ll undoubtedly face as the owner of a growing business amid successful entrepreneurs.

Letting go of bad habits

Are you someone who can spend hours slouched in front of the TV playing video games? Or perhaps indulging in sugary midnight snacks? When it comes to building a sustainable, long-term business, you’ll need to start prioritising your health and wellbeing. That means letting go of bad habits and replacing them with healthier new ones. The good news? You’ll feel better and, as a result, you’ll perform better too.


There is no certainty in the world of business, and this can be rather anxiety-inducing for some. Yes, it’s sure to be much easier to get a job working for someone else. However, the question is – will it really ever be quite as rewarding? In exchange for stability, you’ll gain the chance to challenge yourself, overcome fears and obstacles, and build something from scratch that you can be truly proud of.

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