What’s the Big Deal about Scarce Skills?

We all know that unemployment is a massive problem in South Africa. The fact is that even those who are qualified and in possession of impressive degrees and diplomas often struggle to find work.

The question is, what can the students of today do in order to increase their employability and their chances of landing their dream job in the future? The answer: pay attention to the skills that are scarce and critical in our country, and make an effort to fill that gap!

What Are Scarce Skills?

Scarce skills are generally categorised into two groups:

  • absolute scarcity – in short, when there is a very limited number of suitably skilled people available to do a certain job.
  • relative scarcity – which means that skilled people are available, but they do not meet certain other criteria such as the right geographical location.In Which Industries Are Skilled People Most in Demand?

According to the South African National Scarce Skills List, the industry with the highest demand for more skilled people is the engineering industry.

The top three occupational titles with the lowest number of skilled people in employment in the country are all within the engineering sector, namely electrical engineer, civil engineer and mechanical engineer.

Other jobs on the list include quantity surveyor, project manager, electrician, finance manager, general medical practitioner, nursing professional, teacher and geologist. You can view the full list here.

So, What Should I Study?

Upon analysing the full list, it becomes evident in terms of tertiary education that there are certain programmes that may prove to be more fruitful for students in the future. This includes studying engineering, architecture and design, finance, healthcare, IT, and science.

All-important though is that you discover your niche and your passion. Determining what
type of business environment will suit you is a key component in ensuring your future success. As a Teen Entrepreneur you have access to mentors who will guide and encourage you to nurture your skills in line with your passion.

Does your school have a High School Entrepreneurs Society? Maybe it’s time they did and you could be the one to drive it…

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