What’s all the fuss about blogging?

Blogs (short for “web logs”) have transformed the manner in which we tell stories. Ever since they gained popularity in the 1990s, they have dominated the digital space. Their influence in sharing digital narratives is unmatched. Through blogs, the ordinary consumer can share their personal experience and even become a social media influence.

Gone are the days of only hearing what brands had to say and their motivations as to why we should use their goods and services. Blogs turned the status quo around and gave voices to both the consumers and retailers. What makes blogs unique is that they are somewhat personal and informal in tone and structure. They are avenues which foster dynamic interaction and have a story to tell.

Let’s get started

Just in case you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, here are our top tips.

  1. Find a niche: Identify a specific industry, topic and/or audience you want to captivate. You can concentrate on being a beauty blogger, travel blogger, lifestyle blogger, foodie…etc.
  2. Create your blog domain: Pick a content management system (CMS) and a website domain hosting service (this sounds more complicated than it is; just Google and you will have lots of free options where you can get set up in under 5 minutes).
  3. Get a catchy name: Find a name that engraves your identity and can stand out from millions of blogs to say “read ME”.
  4. Blog: Tell your story (don’t forget to get some awesome pics to support your blog posts).
  5. Vlog (optional): Vlogs are video blogs. You can post these on YouTube or other platforms.
  6. Slay: Do your thing and do it well.
  7. Sign up as a social media influencer: There are many Public Relations (PR) Agencies that represent bloggers in a way that they can hook you up with cool brands who pay you to sample their stuff and blog about them.

If you are a storyteller and know that you have something to tell the world, then blogging may be your cray [crazy] avenue to get it all out.

Blogging is not for everybody. It is not for those who give up along the way, but peeps who are ready to go all the way because they think like a Teen Boss at heart. You will know inside if it is for you. It is a calling. A passion. Some kind of super higher calling mission. If this is your thing, ditch the excuses and start blogging today!

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