What it Means to be a Sustainability Entrepreneur 

Ask any entrepreneur, young or old, what their main goal is and the chances are good that they will answer ‘making a success of my business’. For someone who is driven, has a great idea, as well as the savvy necessary to make it all work, success is the only option!

The difference between this kind of entrepreneur and a sustainability entrepreneur, however, is that the latter is focused on making a success of his or her business, but with a strong focus on increasing social and environmental value within his or her community, too. Sustainability entrepreneurs want to start a business with a cause and make a difference both in their own lives and the lives of others.


The secret to ‘sustainopreneurship’ lies in finding a balance between your financial goals and your objectives of contributing to society and leaving the environment a better place. This means not only doing what is necessary to avoid contributing negatively to both, but actually using your business as a means in which to make a positive difference and to solve common socio-economic and environmental problems, such as pollution and poverty.

‘Sustainopreneurship’ in South Africa

This type of entrepreneurship is valuable across the globe, however, in South Africa, it is desperately needed. Here at SA Teen Entrepreneur, we believe in teaching the youth all about what it means to be an entrepreneur with an ethical awareness of the many issues facing our beloved country. While we aim to nurture ambition, we also hope to drive students towards an even bigger goal of making a lasting, positive contribution to the growth and sustainability of their people and South Africa as a whole.

To learn more about our mission, follow this link to read about our High School Entrepreneurs’ Society project.

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