Too shy to sell, but listen well?

It is a myth that you need to talk non-stop in order to be a good salesperson. An even bigger myth is that shy sellers who are great listeners simply won’t cut it. Entrepreneurs in the know argue that without having the skills to listen well, a great salesperson simply cannot be.

It is not so much about being shy or extroverted, but rather the skills you possess. Applying listening skills at school, in college or in your career will stand you in good stead. Here’s what a senior sales manager says you need to crack it as a great salesperson and/or industry professional.

  1. Zip it or ship it
    It’s important to hear what the customer is saying so that you can give them the products and services that fulfils their need. Professionals who eagerly pursue sales at the expense of confusing customers don’t have a long lifespan due to complaints and disciplinary hearings that may follow.
  2. Less is more
    It is not about you, but the customer. While it is tempting to sell more and advertise the products that you need to push; remember that at the end of the day, you need to satisfy customers because they are your bread and butter.
  3. Ask don’t tell
    Being in sales needs someone who is able to understand what the customer wants and the best way to do that is by asking the right questions. A good salesperson won’t try to tell and sell – it’s all about listening, asking and understanding the customers’ needs before you can even begin to help. Having the gift of the gab is not the same as a good set of listening skills!

Remember too that communications is not just verbal communication, but can be non-verbal as well. The way you stand, your hand gestures, yawning and mannerisms all say so much. Don’t leave it to chance. Give yourself an advantage by registering as a Teen Boss so that you can improve your sales, pitch and communication skills. Do it today to avoid disappointment.


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