As a young entrepreneur, your ultimate goal is almost certain to be that of achieving great success in all of your endeavours. The question is, does this goal come with any amount of fear or reservation? If it does, you are definitely not alone. The fear of success is extremely common in today’s society, although many people are too embarrassed to admit to being affected by it. Here is everything that you need to know.

What is the fear of success?

The fear of success is not usually based on a fear of the success itself or the profits that follow, but rather based on the results of the success. For instance, people with a fear of success may stress about:

  • Having to constantly be the centre of attention (many people are inherently uncomfortable with this);
  • Needing to spend time handling the admin that comes with success as opposed to doing what they actually love;
  • Not being able to live up to the expectations set by previous success when it comes to maintaining or bettering it;
  • Receiving negative comments regarding their success by people who are jealous or resentful of it.

Why does it happen?

The fear of success may become entrenched in a person if they have been subject to something unpleasant or painful following a success. For example, they may have been subject to verbal or physical abuse by a parent who resents the fact that they, themselves, had little success growing up and take it out on their children who achieve what they wish they could have.

How to overcome it

Speaking to someone about your fears can be a great start, especially in terms of uncovering where this fear of success comes from. Does it stem from abuse? Is it the fact that you are a shy person who shies away from the spotlight? Perhaps it comes from being a female and having faced many years of discrimination as a result, maybe even in your own family?

Regardless, identifying the source of your fear and anxiety is essential to overcoming it. It can also be extremely helpful to seek help from a cognitive behavioural therapist.

Soon enough, you will learn how to embrace your entrepreneurial success and reap its many rewards!