2 07, 2020

The Ndlovu Youth Choir Lifts the Nation with Song

2020-06-23T14:39:53+02:00July 2nd, 2020|Articles for Teens, Featured Articles|

Needless to say, South Africans have needed a bit of a pick-me-up in recent times. Enter the Ndlovu Youth Choir. This incredible choir of young, talented South Africans is uplifting local communities with song. They recently released a brand-new singalong in the form of ‘Jolene’ – country superstar, Dolly Parton’s, greatest hit. At the time [...]

30 06, 2020

Here’s Why it Pays to Complete Unpaid Internships

2020-06-23T14:40:21+02:00June 30th, 2020|Uncategorized|

You’re a young, ambitious teen still in high school and trying to decide what path you would like to follow once you finish matric. You have been offered an opportunity to embark upon an internship in your free time, but there’s only one problem. The internship is unpaid. Do you accept? Or look for a [...]

18 06, 2020

Siya Mtyeku – “Nothing is impossible” 

2020-06-23T13:51:58+02:00June 18th, 2020|Articles for Teens|

If only If only I had a laptop, my own bedroom, better nutrition, family support, a safer community, or money - surely I would have been far by now. How many times does "if only" keep us grounded and unable to progress in life? For Siyamthanda Mtyeku, "if only" was never an option. Even sharing [...]

16 06, 2020

7 things to consider in preparing for a post-Covid world

2020-06-18T10:04:57+02:00June 16th, 2020|Articles for Teens|

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly disrupted life as we know it. Crucially, it is disproportionately affecting our youth and driving up our already dire youth unemployment rate. South Africa’s future relies on the collective contribution that our youth are going to make to business and society...

5 06, 2020

This Is Why You Should Invest In Gold As An Entrepreneur

2020-06-05T14:57:20+02:00June 5th, 2020|Articles for Teens|

As an entrepreneur you probably already have your head screwed on right and know a thing or two about business and finances. You will have written out a business plan before starting out in the business world, or barring that, you will have created a discernible outline of how you would like to run your business as it starts up.

20 05, 2020

You are not alone – dealing with anxiety during a time of crisis

2020-05-14T11:56:34+02:00May 20th, 2020|Articles for Teens|

Anxiety is a reality, particularly in times of crisis. In as much as digital media can be riddled with facts and unproven conspiracy theories, the realities of the Covid-19 crisis cannot be disputed. Schools have closed. Gigs are cancelled. Playing and chilling with friends in person is a thing of the past. Meeting up with [...]

18 05, 2020

Kids Can Be Entrepreneurs Too!! (Pay Attention School Administrators)

2020-05-18T10:45:06+02:00May 18th, 2020|Articles for Teens|

In this post, I am going to bring that point to life with a case study on Brendan Cox, a 19-year-old entrepreneur I recently met, that has founded 10 different successful businesses to date, which collectively grew his $900 loan from his mother into $250,000 of profits today.

15 05, 2020

Surround yourself with friends, family and mentors who feed your flame 

2020-05-14T11:41:04+02:00May 15th, 2020|Articles for Teens|

Perhaps there is truth in the Indonesian proverb that states that "a firm tree does not fear the storm." In a hurricane, it helps to be grounded and surrounded by people who will look out for your good, encourage, protect and support you. When the winds of life howl, you'd better have an army of [...]

11 02, 2019

Township Entrepreneurs – Lethabo Mokoena, Founder of Walk Fresh

2019-02-05T11:28:17+02:00February 11th, 2019|Articles for Teens|

It’s so inspirational to learn about other young entrepreneurs’ success. This month, we’re delving into Lethabo Mokoena’s story – a young Corporate Communications graduate from Daveyton. The Stepping Stones that Led to the Birth of Walk Fresh Lethabo obtained his Bachelor’s Degree at the University Of Johannesburg and, after spending a few years on campus, [...]

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