Your living room is often the space in which you spend the majority of your waking day-to-day life when you aren’t working, which means that you want the space to be as positive and enjoyable as possible. When you spend all of your downtime in one space you definitely want that space to reflect the mental state you want to be presenting when you’re in your downtime. To such an end, this article suggests a handful of ways for you to go about brightening your living room and making it the best space for your downtime.

Utilize Your Space

The first thing you want to do when setting out to improve your living room area is to take stock of the space available to you and make a plan as to how you are best going to utilize that space. A good way to do this is to draw out a floor plan and play around with how you want everything to fit together. Move things around in your plan until you are happy that they will fit together nicely and that you are using the space to its fullest.

At this point you can begin to move your furniture and devices around to see if your plan works as you expected. If your floor plan looks like it’s working as you hoped, then you can move on to the later steps in this plan. If not, then you should return to your floor plan and keep working on your design until you have something you’re happy with.

Replace Your Flooring

One of the more drastic options that you might nevertheless need to consider is whether or not you need to replace your flooring. Companies such as Floor Master offer floor replacement services, should your floor need serious work to allow you to live comfortably in that space.

Paint Your Walls

Once you have the floors of your living room sorted, it is worth looking to your walls. Colour has a major effect on the feel of a room, and if you are finding yourself unhappy with your living room it is possible that your wall colours are to blame. To help with this, you might consider painting your walls a colour that is more conducive to positivity. Colours such as blue or light green are great for this purpose.

Decorate the Area

With the general layout, wall colour, and floors of your living room sorted, you are going to want to start making the area feel more personal to you. This can be done by adding little personal effects that you love and feel attached to throughout the room. Hang pictures of your loved ones, display your favourite memorabilia. Whatever it is, so long as you love it, you’ll make the room feel more like an extension of yourself.

Keep it Light

Finally, a brilliant way to keep your room feeling lovely and cheerful is to make sure that you are getting as much light as possible into the room. Open windows, add mirrors and generally make every effort that you can to keep the room bright and happy.