What is it about super successful people being so highly productive? The reality is that they are probably as successful as they are because they are so highly productive. The great news, however, is that being highly productive is not something that a person is born with – it is a learnt skill, and it is all about time management. Here are a few amazing tips to help you maximise your productivity for the year ahead, and every year thereafter.

Get up early

There’s a reason why the early bird catches the worm! By rising early, you simply have more time at your disposal. The most successful people tend to use this time to focus on other important aspects of their lives other than school or work. You may want to use it to exercise, to catch up on a good book, or to make yourself a delicious breakfast packed with brain food perfect for helping you tackle the rest of the day.

Take frequent breaks

Being productive doesn’t mean working or studying for six hours straight. On the contrary, it means remaining focused on the task at hand by ensuring that you replenish your energy and concentration in between shorter bursts of work. A good balance is to work or study for an hour and take a 20-minute break. Keep alternating between the two for as long as you can manage without losing your focus.

Set deadlines

Striving to revise your schoolwork even when you are not preparing for a test or an exam? Set deadlines for yourself. By setting deadlines, you increase your chances of actually getting the job done rather than procrastinating because it isn’t ‘urgent’ enough.

Treat yourself

Work according to a strict to-do list and give yourself a little reward every time you manage to tick something off. This could be setting aside an extra five minutes for yourself that evening, or even just a simple pat on the back.

Discipline and perseverance are key to productivity. So, believe in yourself and get to work! You will be amazed at just how much you will be able to get done if you put your mind to it.