South Africa’s unprecedented 21-day lockdown teaches that for the human species to survive; we need to challenge the status quo. Within what seemed like a blink of an eye, Corona Virus (COVID-19) moved from being Wuhan’s “issue” to that of the entire world. If ever humanity is to have a shot at coming out of this, we must interrogate our longstanding beliefs, think anew and take on the “sacred cows” we feel we cannot live without.

Unlearning to learn anew

From generations untold, we have been indoctrinated to “go” and seek education. You perhaps went to pre-school, are now in school, and most likely plan to go to a tertiary institution before finding your feet as an entrepreneur. Socially constructed norms promote going to institutions of learning.

Yet what happens when, for your safety, you are not allowed to go out to “acquire” knowledge? Can teaching entrepreneurship, let alone “basic education” survive when institutions of learning are inaccessible? Perhaps that’s just where remote learning comes in.

The perks of remote learning

Distant learning gives learners a chance to decide when and where to study – and does not shut down when social distancing regulations apply. You can often set your own pace, and the costs can be significantly less than traditional classroom learning. Dare not think it’s just passing the time; when done right, your studies are accredited.

It affords you a shot at living life, adjusting to the times, building discipline and learning to find solutions to whatever questions and challenges life throws your way – which in all honesty, is the core of entrepreneurship.

COVID-19: High Schools Entrepreneurship Challenge

Now is not the time to buckle down and join the naysayers. To join the SA Teen Entrepreneur Trust COVID-19 Idea Challenge – aimed at High School Students across the whole world – individually or in a group/team identify a problem that has resulted from the pandemic, and come up with a solution.

The top ideas will be invited to an online pitching event in front of a group of investors and mentors. For those ideas that are deemed feasible and innovative, funding will be arranged to help you take them to the next stages. This is a totally free, ‘remote’ program aimed at helping the world in this difficult time. If you are ready to act, when others cower, register now. The world is counting on you.