Not all entrepreneurs are created the same. Some wither and give in at the slightest resistance. And yet, others reinvent themselves and come up stronger, even when counted out and left to wilt. What is it that separates ordinary entrepreneurs from the great ones? We’d like to think that it is these characteristics.


Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks or doing something so much better than your competitors. When the playing field changes, great entrepreneurs are relentless. They have the ability to bend back into shape, even after great pressure.

Question everything

For entrepreneurship to function, services must be rendered or goods sold. Great entrepreneurs dare to ask the unanswered questions. They question everything, and that allows them to find a niche that they can fill. In order to start generating the mindset of a #TeenBoss, it helps to be empowered.

Problem solvers

We have said it before, and we will say it again. The world is willing and ready to pay for solutions. As an entrepreneur, it is not enough to do that which is already done. How can you do it quicker, better or cheaper? You have to connect with your clients and give them an unmatched experience.

Personal touch

When it comes to great entrepreneurs, what sets them apart is that they offer that which they do with a personal touch. Clients want their services or goods. These entrepreneurs are not afraid to go out of their way or incur some expenditures in order to make their clients happy. They personify the mantra that the customer is king.

Entrepreneurship constantly evolves and true entrepreneurs need to be able to move with the times and enhance modern technologies without diluting their essence. A great entrepreneur needs to master budgeting, time management and running with the vision.

You can be a follower, or you can be a job creator and innovative community champions. You can be anything that you think you can be.