The onus is currently on parents and teachers to unleash the potential of ambitious, young entrepreneurs. These dedicated individuals are key to rebuilding our country’s struggling economy and restoring hope to the hearts of local communities. However, while parents and teachers play a substantial role in moulding the youth for this purpose, it is the government that also needs to be stepping up to the task. Here is how they can help to shape the power of entrepreneurship in our teens going forward.

Sparking the dream

Government should be putting more effort into helping our youth discover their passion and potential. They could be doing this through more government-funded entrepreneurial initiatives and workshops and making more of an effort to connect young teens with mentors in a similar way to how SA Teen Entrepreneur is doing it. Entrepreneurship and business basics should also take centre stage in the curriculum in schools across the country.

Focus on impact

It is so important for the government to inspire potential entrepreneurs by highlighting the impact that their businesses could have on our country and its people. A local context and the problems that the small businesses are likely to assist in solving should be promoted and explained. Young entrepreneurs need to have a higher purpose than simply generating a decent profit, they should also be passionate about helping to bring about change.

Rope in the youth

In order to reach the youth and communicate a message, it can often help to rope in young people to do the talking for you. This is something that the government should consider in the future. It is a fact that under-30s make up 51% of the global population, but only 2% of them are members of parliament in countries around the world. This is something that needs to change if the government is to be successful in shaping the power of entrepreneurship in South Africa.

Is it your dream to become an entrepreneur? Perhaps you are a teacher looking to inspire his or her learners? Either way, be sure to join the SA Teen Entrepreneur community today and have your say in how we are shaping the power of entrepreneurship!