There’s something about being a boss that calls for a degree of respect from peers and even older folks, but understand that respect is earned and not guaranteed. It’s got nothing to do with age or structural hierarchy. A “natural” boss is someone who inspires and instills confidence in others, instinctively. Being the leader comes with its perks such as having authority, the mandate to make wise decisions and being in a position of power. It also comes with huge responsibilities.

A holiday workshop for leaders

#TeenBoss is a three day programme aimed at empowering teenagers and an introduction to the world of entrepreneurial and leadership skills. This event is not for everybody, but is rather for those who long to make lasting impactful imprints in the sands of time, not just in your school and community, but to all of South Africa, the African continent and the global village at large.

“What sets a boss apart from the rest, is their ability to understand and develop creative business solutions. You need to manage yourself and teams in a manner that you can produce goods and/or deliver services quicker, better and faster. This requires an inherent understanding of your own personal strengths and those of your team, building business models, engaging in money talks and preparing for pitches,” says Lydia Zingoni, Founder and Director of Teen Entrepreneur.

At the end of the three days, team members will be empowered to address and solve social and community problems, taking them one step further and converting these problems into viable business solutions. In the corporate world you might not always be rewarded or recognised for being the very best, sometimes just knowing you have found the solution is enough. The #TeenBoss programme on the other hand believes that entrepreneurship should be acknowledged and prizes will be awarded to the top three teams that deliver the most sound business presentations at the end of the programme.

After all, a successful team should be able to cash in on challenges…