Moulding a Marketing Thought Process for Your Start-up Business

The right marketing efforts are what will be responsible for generating leads and success for your brand new start-up business. A SWOT analysis is your starting point, as once you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your product or business, you can then take an informed look at the opportunities and threats imposed by your competitors!

Here are some quick tips for moulding a fool-proof strategy.

Refine Your Target Market

All of your time and money will be wasted if you don’t make sure that you are targeting the right group of people. Do your research, even if it is by handing out surveys to classmates or to strangers on the street, in order to find out who would be most interested in buying your product or service.

Check Out Your Competition

Instead of doing the same thing as they are, try to brainstorm how you can market your product / service differently… and even better. As they say, learn from the mistakes of others!

Write it Down

You will instantly feel like you have more direction by writing your strategy down. Doing so will also be sure to motivate you as you begin to put your ideas into practice!

Use Social Media

While flyers and posters still have their place in the marketing world, they can be costly especially for a new business. This is why social media is the most valuable tool at your disposal – you can use it for its marketing potential without having to spend a cent!

Create business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to start with and work on building up your following from there. Take it to the next level by also creating a blog and using your social media platforms to promote your best posts. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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