Mandela Day has been and gone, what comes next?

There is life outside South Africa. Rest assured, Mzansi (South Africa) is home and the pulse of who we are. Virtues of tolerance from living in a Rainbow Nation with 11 official languages and yet one voice, make those who call this land home, a people matched to no other.

Yet as an aspiring teen entrepreneur, you need to interact with all of Africa and the world. The freedom and limitless potential you have should surpass digital and geographical divides. One way of doing this is by joining in the rest of the global community in celebration of these significant days.

Mandela Day (18 July)

We recently observed Nelson Mandela Day (or Nelson Mandela International Day) – as declared by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly – on 18 July. It is the day that South Africa’s first democratically elected president was born and as a tribute to his 67 years in the service of humanity, the day is celebrated by devoting 67 minutes towards helping others. What did you do for your 67 minutes on 18th July?

World Entrepreneurs’ Day (21 August)

Entrepreneurs often embark on lonely journeys behind closed doors while toiling to plant seeds and waiting for the fruits to show. World Entrepreneurs’ Day honours entrepreneurs and creates awareness for entrepreneurship and the leading role it plays in our society. With six young SA entrepreneurs making the Forbes list of most promising entrepreneurs to watch in 2015, opportunity looks promising for those who are prepared to stand up and live their light bulb moment.

Teen Read Week (9 – 15 October 2016)

Many truths and wisdom remains hidden in books waiting to be unravelled by the discerning mind. While reading is important to get good grades, Teen Read Week hopes to inspire teenagers the world over to “read for the fun of it”. So grab a book and read – just for fun.

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