Lessons That Only your Worst Subject at School Can Teach You

We all have a subject that we simply despise at school. Whether you hate it because you find the work involved uninteresting and the teacher doesn’t inspire you, or whether it is because you are struggling to master the skills necessary in order to do well in it, it is this ‘worst subject’ that is sure to teach you more than your ‘good subjects’ ever could. Here’s why.


It would be so easy to just sit back and give up on trying to pass your worst subject. But in refusing to do so, and working hard despite your dislike for the syllabus, you will learn the importance of perseverance – and how it almost always pays off in the end!


We can’t be good at everything. However, if we take action, we can make it work. Being bad at a subject means that you have the opportunity to think of ways in which to improve. Find a tutor, watch educational videos online or form a study group with classmates who enjoy the subject you loathe and are doing well in it. This problem-solving ability can be carried through into other aspects of your life too, and is sure to help you build and run a business of your own someday.


When you realise that you are struggling with something, the most responsible and beneficial thing that you can do is ask for help. Not only will doing so enable you to improve your marks in that subject, but it will also equip you with an essential skill for later in life: taking accountability and ownership of your failures, and seeking help to rectify them!

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