Keeping it Real

This blog could go on and on about all things entrepreneurial (it’s our favourite subject!) but not offer you the nitty gritty; the meat and gravy; the down and dirty.  One of our key objectives is to offer you the teenager, the parent or the educator a “How To” platform that you can refer to in terms of starting your own business or playing a supportive role.

Last things first. We would like to offer you the opportunity to mail us your comments, queries or suggestions so that we can keep this series of blogs alive and relevant to suit your planned venture into entrepreneurship. Simply drop us a mail @ We will select the most credible point(s) raised and publish them in a future blog.

Then back to the beginning (I do hope you’re with me still).

Our ‘How To’ series will cover topics such as :

  • Finding the gap – literally guiding and inspiring you to explore and discover what your niche market is
  • Business plans – how to make your gap a reality in a methodical practical manner
  • Getting Finance – don’t get jumpy now you need a calm approach when it comes to cha-ching
  • Partnerships – this doesn’t have to be a solo flight; we’ll show you the options
  • Types of businesses – what to look out for
  • Marketing Plans – in support of the business plan this is a vital component of your journey
  • The teenage entrepreneur
  • How to nurture entrepreneurial spirit in your family?
  • How to nurture entrepreneurial spirit in the classroom?
  • Mentoring … and more