Job shadowing is when you spend the workday with a professional following them to see what they do, how they do it and perhaps also getting involved as they permit. You become their “shadow” for that period of time. Here are some of the perks that come with job shadowing.

Textbooks and all that gibberish comes alive…

Job shadowing should ideally be in your prospective career. For many students, job shadowing assures them of their career of choice or completely persuades them otherwise. It exposes aspects about a job that no lecturer or book can prepare you for.

It is one thing being good in biology and studying textbook illustrations, but a completely different situation when you are job shadowing a medical professional. Dealing with a bleeding patient or trying to resuscitate someone who is dying is entirely different in ‘real life’.

It positions you as an active participant

Perhaps you want to be a journalist because of the socially constructed notions you have of wanting to be like Superman in his day job. Yet when you job shadow a professional reporter you get to see the dangers, adventures, research and day/night travel requirements that come with the territory.

Job shadowing opens up the inner secrets of industry and presents you with a typical day in a career you could be doing your entire life. It presents you with evidence and an opportunity to contribute to your sector. You become a contributor to the economic landscape of the country.

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