Ideas can change the world – collaboration can make them happen

Have you ever woken in a state of pure ecstasy? You know… Like you’ve just cracked something significant or had an idea that can change the world? Then reality hits you. You need a lot of skills and expertise to help you make it come alive.

Sometimes you can see the vision, taste it and re-enact it in your mind. Yet practically, you wonder how on earth you can get all the different experts to “work for you” – or at least help you in getting your ducks in a row. If this is you, keep reading. We may just have food for thought to propel your dreams forward.

Think “virtual incubators”

While the buzz words are collaboration, sharing ideas and getting people to buy into your madness (because at times it seems like it when you start); teen entrepreneurs sometimes come to us and ask us for practical steps.

On the one hand you don’t just want to share your rad idea with the entire virtual world (and risk someone stealing it before you ever launch your first prototype), yet you also don’t want to bore your friends and family to death with your never-ending entrepreneurial dreams. One of those win-win solutions can be to join “virtual incubators” like IdeaGist that can link you up with like-minded peeps and help you get up and running.

Join a local team of teen entrepreneurs with well-lit network behind them

Perhaps you want a chance to share your ideas face-to-face with people from your own home ground territory who thoroughly understand the South African landscape and entrepreneurship avenues in your community and province. If you want more than virtual entrepreneurial aid, then you should consider becoming a teen entrepreneur.

We, at SA Teen Entrepreneur, are committed to helping you to think, look and become your own boss. We’ve got the mentors, programs, skills set and passion to help you up your game.

Do you want to connect with other cool peeps who share your wealth creation dreams? Are you interested in collaboration platforms, finding out about local funding applicable to you and how to refine your ideas? We’ve got this!  Contact us today.

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