How You Can Help Drive Entrepreneurship in South Africa

Entrepreneurship is not only important when it comes to building confidence and self-esteem within a young individual, it is also important for the future growth and development of our beautiful country as a whole.

Unfortunately, over the years, South Africa’s entrepreneurial activity has started to dwindle and has recently reached an all-time low. It is time for us, as teachers, principals and parents to start doing everything possible in order to nurture that creative spark within the youth of today. Here’s how you can make a difference.

As a Principal

Start an entrepreneur’s society within your school that will encourage those learners with great ideas and plenty of ambition to utilise and explore their potential. Teen Entrepreneur can assist you in doing this and can help you to promote the society further. Follow this link to learn more about our special project.

As a Teacher

Create lessons that centre around helping learners to develop their leadership skills and to work in harmony with others. Share stories of inspiration about other young local entrepreneurs and encourage learners to share their ideas with the class. Provide advice and compliments whenever you can.

As a Parent

Nurture your child’s creative spark at every opportunity, engage with him or her about possible ways in which to start a business, brainstorm together, and do all that you can in order to find him or her a mentor who will be able to provide guidance and motivation along the way.

If your child’s school does not currently have an entrepreneur’s society, request a meeting with the principal to suggest creating one.

Principals, teachers, parents. We have the opportunity to empower the future generations of our beloved country. Let’s make the most of it!

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