Parents, teachers, investors, community leaders – there are SO many ways that you can make a mark on South Africa’s youth, empowering them to put the work in to reach their full potential. Our country is relying on young entrepreneurs to make a change and to get the economy climbing in the right direction. If you are keen to be a part of the driving force behind this, here is how you can get involved.

Donate money

There are a number of initiatives dedicated to inspiring and supporting entrepreneurship in schools and beyond. SA Teen Entrepreneur is just one of those initiatives. By donating any sum of money to us, you will be investing in a teen’s growing business directly. You can also donate without even trying by simply getting a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card.


Do you have some knowledge to share about the world of entrepreneurship? We have various opportunities available for volunteers and interns. We would love to hear from varsity career offices and graduates who have an interest in empowering our youth.

Start-up an Entrepreneur’s Society at your school

The SA Teen Entrepreneur’s High School Entrepreneur’s Societies are geared towards recruiting members from the school who are interested in learning and empowering themselves regarding entrepreneurship values and organising events that promote entrepreneurship. Register your school to become a part of this exciting project here.

Teaching entrepreneurship

Become a mentor and impart your knowledge and expertise. In this way, you can mould young minds and provide ambitious teens with the inspiration and confidence to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. The great news is that it is possible to become a mentor whether you are a young entrepreneur yourself, a parent, a teacher, a principal, or a community leader.

Don’t hesitate. Make a difference today for the betterment of our youth and our country too.