How to Dress to Impress at Your Interview

Interviews are a big deal; they can be the gateway to your dream job or university experience. This means they can also be a bit scary, and most of us can get nervous before interviews and often find them quite intimidating. The trick is to know what’s expected of you and prepare as much as you can.

While most of this preparation will be about the content of the interview, it’s important to spend a bit of time thinking about what you are going to wear. You’ll want to make sure your clothes and shoes are smart and clean well in advance, so you might need to need to know things like how to clean suede shoes, and what small details can make you look instantly smarter. To help you look professional every time, here’s our guide to dressing to impress.

  1. Plan well in advance: Don’t leave it to the last minute. As soon as you know you have an interview make a quick plan of what you’ll wear. That means that if you need to buy anything new you’ll be able to do so well in advance. No last minute stress! After all, you don’t want to arrive late.
  2. Check what’s expected of you: Most interviews require a smart dress code, and it’s worth opting for smart if you’re not sure, but it’s also OK to check with the company/uni in advance just in case. They’ll be able to tell you the dress code as well as what the interview will involve, which may having a bearing on what you choose to wear.
  3. Make sure all your clothes are clean and hole-free: This is an important one. As soon as you know what you are going to wear check every item to make sure it is clean (no food stains!) and all intact. Repair and clean as required. You may need additional info on cleaning unusual fabrics such as how to clean suede shoes so that you don’t look scruffy. If you need them here are a few tips on how to clean suede shoes, and be sure to look at other useful resources online if you get stuck.
  4. Avoid creases: While clothes need to be clean and hole-free, they also need to be crease free! If you’re wearing a shirt, skirt or trousers, be sure to iron them the night before and hang them somewhere they won’t re-crease. You may not be used to this step, but it’s vital if you want to really look proper and polished.
  5. Keep it simple: It’s not a bad thing to want to stand out in your appearance and be bold in your fashion choices. However, when it comes to a more serious interview, you don’t want to look too elaborate. Keep accessories simple and minimal in order to maintain a clean look. If you’re going to interview at a fashion-related role/college, then by all means do what you think is best, but otherwise keep it simple. You want the attention to be on you and what you have to say, rather than the loud jangly bracelets on your wrist.
  6. Check with a friend: Finally, if you’re ever in doubt about what you plan to wear, try it on, take a photo and then text it to a trusted friend or relative. They’ll be able to give advice on what looks right and what doesn’t.

Remember, preparing what to wear for your interview isn’t the only kind of prep you’ll need to do, but it is important. Looking professional will help you feel professional and that leads to confidence. So look sharp and you’ll act sharp too. Good luck!

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