How Online Learning is Transforming South Africa

One of the biggest problems in terms of development within South Africa has been a lack of education, or access to learning. Thankfully, as technology has continued to advance, online learning is quickly becoming a long-term solution to this persistent problem.

The internet is chockfull of information and provides keen minds with the chance to learn more about anything and everything. Within the South African context, the digital world is especially useful to the youth who are living in remote areas who might never have had access to quality education without it. While it’s certainly not rolling out fast enough, government, Telkom and private service providers are making access to WiFi free in many outlying communities.

While internet access and access to computers is necessary for the youth to take advantage of online learning opportunities, the good news is that more and more companies, both locally and around the globe, are investing in and sponsoring schools and talented individuals with this important technology. All in the name of creating a better tomorrow! It’s safe to say that things are definitely ‘hooking’ up…

Online entrepreneurs with access to information

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So, tell us – are YOU taking advantage of the learning opportunities offered to you online?

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