How Crime and Social Status Impact the Youth and Their Future

Sometimes you’ve just got to make do with your lot in life. At least that’s how the saying goes. When we have been born into a family that struggles financially or within a community that is ridden with crime, it’s easy to give up before you’ve even started. Unless you have the heart of a winner, of course! This is why the impact of crime and social status need not be a negative one.

The Stigma

Many of us believe that ‘important’ people will not take us seriously if they hear that our background was less than idyllic. What if a member of your own family has been involved in crime and has had run ins with the law? How could anybody possibly take you seriously? Well, the truth is that they should. And here’s why.

Strength of Character

Growing up with financial and social challenges does not dictate who you are. It does, however, dictate who you’ll become. The youth who come from backgrounds like this have had to fight a lot harder than others who have come from privileged homes. We call that determination. We call that ambition. We call that drive. We call that vision. It’s a recipe for success – that generates exactly the types of characteristics that make for an impressive, successful entrepreneur.

Does social status and crime affect the youth and their chances of ‘making it’ in the world? Most definitely. But these negative forces don’t have to tear you down. If you’re willing to put in the work, they can build you up instead.

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