Holiday time – what you want to do and what you should be doing!

Gobble up munchies (eat). Shower. Party. Sleep. Repeat. Repeat. Seriously now; repeat. That’s the schedule of many teens the world over when it comes to the long school holidays this time of the year. It is seen as the time to let your hair down, slip on something super comfy and get down to the dancing beat.

Somewhere in there is the need to sneak in family time, clean up your room (before parents freak out), watch a TV series or two (or three) and just let go for a while before school commences again.

The long summer holiday is the most carefree time of the year. Relaxed, calm and exciting all at once. Just in case you are not sure what to get up to; here are some points to consider regarding what you want to do versus what you should actually be doing.

Apply for bursaries and scholarships

Instead of simply availing yourself of another party or family get-together; rather pull yourself together and start applying for bursaries and scholarships. Who knows, you could get yourself some cash in exchange for working hard and giving your best. Remember that there are rewards for great academic efforts, cultural activities, leadership, sports and more. Get to Google and start searching for what interests you.

Job shadow

What does a day in the life of a Dr, teacher, social worker, corporate CEO and so forth feel like? You won’t know until you walk in their shoes and shadow them for a day or more. Corporate companies and institutions are often in need of helping hands this time of the year and this could be your perfect opportunity to job shadow someone in your career of choice.


It is a season to also connect with loved ones and spare a thought for those less fortunate who may not have loved ones to care for them. Read books to the elderly, clean up the papers around your school, volunteer at the place your entrepreneurial mentor works or play with orphans. You could also volunteer to maybe just help out a little bit more around the house!

Don’t let this year end as business as usual. Enter 2018 with a newly ignited fire knowing you used your year-end holidays to give you a head start over your peers. Use this time to boost your self-confidence, do some exercise, bake a pie or two and catch up on some ‘preferred’ reading! Lastly, plan your schedule for the year ahead.

Using your time well can take you so much further in 2018. This is your season. This is your year. Let your long terms goals of where you want to be help you to make smarter decisions. After all, sleep is for the birds.

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