High school to college; the transition from good to great 

What can be better than being a matriculant and/or big shot in high school? It is none other than being a college student. You’ve heard the buzz, but is tertiary really all that? Yes. You can’t compare the two. For once the hype is real. It’s all it’s cracked out to be. Here’s why.

Stuff the [clock] buzzer…

In high school you need to wake up early because school starts at the same time, every single day. That’s so not the case in college. Your first class can be an early morning one or start much later. As you progress in college, you may even be fortunate enough not to have classes every day, but you may also have some on Saturdays!

No more teachers’ pets

You know those peeps who are suck ups and will do almost anything to score a point or two? Well, college helps to eliminate them because you may find yourself in a big lecture hall, where the lecturer does not know your name. Best of all, tutors and folks you’ve never met may be the ones marking your tests and assignments.

Wave goodbye to boring subjects

Ever woke up and cringed because you have to attend that class you really don’t like? While this may be the case in high school, in college you’re not forced to learn all the subjects that they offer. You can study what you want and/or what’s relevant to your qualification.

Living the life

In high school, you may live with your parents and thereby be extra pressured to go by their rules and curfews. College is characterised by living with friends, ditching curfews and using your own discretion to opt for responsible choices.

No more “may I please go to the bathroom?

Seriously now, this is the life. Unlike in high school where you need to ask permission to go to the loo and also be back within 5 minutes; varsity is where you’re treated like an adult. There’s no need to lift up your hand and ask permission to go do your thing. Dress as you like, respond as your body tells you and for crying out loud – go to the toilet as you please.

It’s all about balance

Your time at college is quite literally – your time. You take ownership and it’s important that you make it work for you. In college you will find that you are taking notes for yourself instead of writing notes to friends. In high school you were stuck with those friends, in college you choose them, just as you will find that you choose to attend rather than having to go. You will need to find the balance though. Study hard, play hard and you will be just fine.

Why wait until you get to college in order to experience more freedom? High School Entrepreneurs Societies also offer Idea Generation Workshops where your thoughts are promoted and harnessed to thrive. You too can experience a different setting. Our societies are empowering. Liberating. Fun.

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