Entrepreneurship: The Key to Solving Unemployment in SA

At the end of last year, the unemployment rate reached the highest it has been in over 13 years – definitely not good news for ambitious young South Africans looking to make something of themselves, and certainly not much motivation for our youth!

A whopping 27.1% of the population is currently sitting without a job. Not only that, but Africa’s economy is also expected to take another massive dip throughout the remainder of 2017 (which isn’t surprising considering our recent downgrade to junk status). All of this has left individuals wondering how best to solve the rising problem of unemployment.

The answer… entrepreneurship!

Most will agree that our country is chockfull of incredible minds and great ideas. What we lack are the resources, skills and knowledge necessary in order to really make something of them!

It is because of this real issue that organisations such as SA Teen Entrepreneur are doing all that we can in order to change this. We have a strict focus on creating High School Entrepreneurs’ Societies across SA and on offering the youngsters, who show potential and ambition, access to the resources and mentors that they need to succeed.

Here at SA Teen Entrepreneur, we are doing our bit to inspire and lead our youth onto the path to victory…

Are YOU doing your bit?

If you’re a budding entrepreneur with a thirst to learn more, click here. If you’re a parent hoping to provide the best possible opportunities for your teen, click here. Finally, if you’re a teacher looking to make an even greater difference in the lives of your students, click here. Together, we can work towards transforming South Africa for the better!

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