Got the entrepreneurial spirit but not doing so well in school? Fear not. It is still possible to succeed… and it is still possible to get a degree. Here’s how.

Create Structure and Routine

Most students who aren’t achieving the marks that they hope to are struggling because their lives lack structure and routine. Time management is a crucial aspect when it comes to studying, planning projects and working on assignments

Start by creating a timetable for yourself and stick to it. Also be sure to eliminate distractions that may make it harder for you to focus.

Get Help When You Need it

One of the bravest and best things that you can do when you’re struggling at school is to ask for help. Approach your teachers and ask them for extra lessons. Ask questions in class when you are unsure. Speak to a friend who is performing well and request that they tutor you. There are so many ways to get help if you are confident enough to seek it out.

Try to Be More Passionate

Would you rather be focusing on making your business work instead of sitting in a Maths class? We hear you! But the truth is that these lessons will equip you with many of the skills necessary to create a success of your venture as a young entrepreneur. Keep this in mind and you will surely feel a bit more passionate about the subjects that you originally found so tiresome.

At the end of the day, it is good to remember that school doesn’t determine success. While it is important to work hard to ensure a solid base to build on, it certainly isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to making something of yourself. Do your best to work hard and be proud of the results that you are able to achieve.

Be Inspired by other young Entrepreneurs

After 12 months of successful entrepreneurial programmes at schools around the Western Cape, SA Teen’s Grand Finale 2018 culminated with a battle for Entrepreneurs of the Year at the Southern Sun Cape Sun in Cape Town. Eventual winners from Ikamvalethu Secondary School inspired judges with the innovative uses they found to recycle bottle tops.

Previous young entrepreneurs who began their journey with SA Teen are proudly featured by Entrepreneur Magazine as young entrepreneurs to watch!

If you are perhaps struggling in school but believe that you are a young Teen Entrepreneur at heart, and have the drive and passion, then your first challenge is to motivate your school to enrol a High School Entrepreneurs Society. Find a teacher to champion your cause and start an entrepreneurial revolution. Who knows, maybe your idea will be one of the many to battle it out in the 2019 Grand Finale!

Calling all schools! Help those students with the drive and ambition to become young entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality. Join the SA Teen Entrepreneur Young Entrepreneur Society and holiday camps now.

Calling all sponsors! We need help to empower the students of South Africa. #WeActForChange and we are investing in the youth, their talents and their dreams… we would like to encourage you to do the same! Contact us today for more information.