Do you want to be a green entrepreneur? An eco-business is a fantastic way to do your bit to protect the environment, while also making a profit!

A green business can come in many forms. It may be directly related to protecting the environment, such as recycling or upcycling. Or it may be indirectly related – for example, including a green business model to ensure minimal environmental impact.

If you want to be a green entrepreneur, we have a few eco business ideas to get you going!

1. Printer cartridge refills

This is a great idea that solves two problems. Firstly, by refilling printer cartridges, there is less plastic waste going into landfills. Secondly, it’s a service that many people like to use because new printer cartridges can be so expensive!

2. An eco-conscious blog or social media account

Do you have a skill for writing and media, plus a passion for green living? A blog or social media platform where you provide info and resources to help people make eco-friendly lifestyle choices could be just your platform! The great thing about blogging and social media is that if you are successful and gain a following, you can monetise your blogging through adverts and sponsorship.

3. Organic, health-conscious meals

If you’re a budding foodie, start a small business that provides ready-made organic meals to local customers. Opt for locally grown ingredients and free-range or vegan options to help cut your carbon footprint – and of course, make sure your packaging is sustainable too! Sell and market on social media or at a local market.

4. Sell pre-owned clothing

Vintage is in! If you’ve got an eye for fashion, consider selling pre-owned clothing as an eco-friendly business. Clothing production uses up so many resources that impact our planet. By providing your community with quality second-hand fashion items, you help everyone to reduce their carbon footprint while also discovering unique pieces that no one else has.

Sustainable business ideas are often recognised and rewarded

SA Teen partnered with the Zayed Sustainability Prize in 2021 to help young green entrepreneurs develop their amazing sustainable business ideas!

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