Connor vs McGregor – the biggest fight ever gives hope to many

There’s something refreshing about refining your skills to the extent that you are the very best. Your gift, when polished, will bring you before kings, captains of industry and the world at large. At the end of August 2017, the world assembled to watch the much anticipated fight between “Connor vs McGregor”.

Two internationally acclaimed athletes, both champions in their own arena, battled it out in the boxing ring for the fight of honour (and deep pockets). Even though that match was between two champs engaging in a match of a lifetime, so much more transpired that day.

3 lessons why “the biggest fight ever” gave hope to so many

  1. Despondency can be your greatest stepping stone
    Even though McGregor lost the fight by technical knockout (TKO) in the 10th round (they were scheduled for twelve rounds); when you consider that just five years ago he was collecting welfare, one can see he has come a long way. It is alleged that he earned $100 million (about R1.4 billion) from just that one fight.
  2. You can become your own legend
    Many are prepared to accept long standing records and the status quo, but few dare to break them. In defeating McGregor, Mayweather solidified his professional boxing undefeated streak to 50 wins and 0 defeats (50–0). In so doing, he surpassed the 49–0 record of Hall of Famer, Rocky Marciano.
  3. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone
    So how do you possibly defeat a champion boxer like Floyd Mayweather, who had won 49 fights and remained undefeated? No one really knew, but the thought of pairing him up with two-division mixed martial arts (MMA) world champion and at-the-time current UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor got the world abuzz. The irony was that McGregor had never before been involved in a boxing match.

Many lessons shine from the contest dubbed “the billion-dollar fight”

It reminds us that we can all reinvent ourselves. That we should not be afraid to dream of taking risks. Unless we are willing to face the prospect of great failure [within reason], we are not ready to win big battles, and that when we win the battle we should always show humility and respect for our challenger.

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