Confidence – How to pitch an idea

We all know them; that English, LO or Biology teacher who uses comical gestures, weird voices and popping eyelids to get us to remember Shakespearean phrases and rather crude parts of our bodies. They make for great extended lunch break conversations and potentially viral Gifs (those funny little videos you share on WhatsApp).

Yet what you may fail to see is that they are successful at pitching that subject material to you because you remember it and find it unforgettable. Even in an era of information overload, you can’t disregard an awesome pitch. In simple terms, that’s the stuff you look at, gasp and press “forward”, “retweet”, “like” and “love” to, instead of “delete” or “#ignore”.

Having the confidence to pitch an idea is not automatic plug-and-play kinda stuff

There is an art to creating captivating pitches. One can be so bold as to call it a science. If you dream of becoming an entrepreneur; you need mentors, proven entrepreneurs and support to teach you how to pitch in such a way, that you will win.

Pitching an idea involves having insider trade secrets

At the Awaken the Giant in You Grand Finale pitching session on 14th October 2017, insider trade secrets from acclaimed professionals will give you that added advantage. You will learn how to pitch effectively by watching the finalists as they gear up to succeed in their race to win the grand prize. Get exclusive information that’s only available for leading minds who dare to win.

If you are ready to disregard all that you think you know about pitching and to elevate your ‘know how’; then this is the session you should attend at any cost, or at least follow the feedback. Prepare to be disrupted. Get ready to be changed. Be prepared to hear great reveals, insider tips and the true story on pitching well. Secure your spot before your competitor does and if you missed out on 2017, get in touch with Teen Entrepreneur about getting your school involved in 2018.

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