Changemakers – Social Entrepreneurial Collaboration

Nowadays, entrepreneurship needs to be about so much more than simply dreaming up a big idea and taking the action necessary in order to turn it into a reality. It needs to be about changing the world!

Unfortunately, changing the world all by yourself can be a frustrating, exhausting and lonely road. So what is the key to making it work and seeing your goals for the community, your school or, on a much larger scale, your country, realised? Social entrepreneurial collaboration, of course!

The first step towards changing the world

As a young social entrepreneur, the first step towards sparking change is communicating your thoughts and ideas with other like-minded individuals with the potential and drive to help you succeed. You need to ensure that these people understand your idea, find it just as attractive as you do and are on board to work with you, hand in hand, according to a detailed plan of action. The whole point is to convince others that the idea itself is sure to be of massive value to the community and its positive progression.

As soon as a group of social entrepreneurs make the decision to stand up and champion an idea, they have become local changemakers and an inspiration to the countless other potential changemakers around them.

It’s a domino effect of the best kind!

Can there be anything more impactful than a team of our country’s best young social entrepreneurs who develop a strategy to tip the world toward a better future? We think not!

Do you want to be a part of social and economic change within South Africa? If so, begin your journey by signing up as a Teen Entrepreneur via our website. Build on your skills, meet peers with big ideas and start collaborating today!

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