Big business ideas

Sometimes we have great ideas that nobody else understands, or at least it seems that way! As a teen entrepreneur you could have loads of ideas every day, and that’s how it should be. In case you think that you’re the only one who has big ideas and even bigger dreams, here are some examples of successful business ideas that young people just like you came up with – and are now young rich people!

Facebook. This is one website that everyone is hooked on! Most of us can’t go a day without checking out our friends’ photos and status updates, and some of us can’t even go an hour without logging on! Facebook is an awesome company and it was started by a young entrepreneur who created it during his spare time at college. How much cash he made already? Don’t ask, it’s too much!

Youtube. Another great website that everyone uses! And yes, it was also invented by a young entrepreneur with big dreams and big passion. Soon after the website was launched it became a big hit and it was sold for over a billion dollars! Now that’s an awesome bank balance!

Mark Shuttleworth. This South African entrepreneur started his own software company and by the time he was 26 he had sold it for over R 3 billion! Today he spends his time helping young people improve their lives and education.

After reading about these guys and the tons of money they made, you could get pretty excited! But what if the net just isn’t your thing, business-wise? Some of us love surfing the net but can’t imagine owning a website or e-business. That’s OK, not every teen entrepreneur makes money on the net, and there are plenty of other business ideas that can work really well.

Superjam. This product hasn’t hit SA yet, but the story behind it is about to hit you! In a kitchen somewhere in Scotland a teen named Fraser Doherty started making jams from his grandma’s old recipes. Before long, his products had become an overnight success in the UK. This teen entrepreneur knew where his bread was buttered!

Keep your business ideas flowing just like these teen entrepreneurs did, and remember that no idea is a bad idea until you try it out!

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