A countdown to the Top 5 strange businesses (you didn’t know exist)

As a young entrepreneur in the making, it is unlikely that you will have escaped the often heard and repeated advice that “entrepreneurs need to spot a gap and come up with innovative creative solutions”. There’s so much more to youth entrepreneurship though than lemonade stands, dog walking services and car washing!

Make no mistake, we’re not hating on anyone making money. Just that at times, in order to fill a niche, you may need to think outside of the box.

Here is our countdown to 5 weird – and booming – businesses you didn’t know exist.

5. Plant sitters
Believe it or not there is a market for reliable plant sitters. These are the people who go to office complexes, malls, residential homes and more to water plants and wipe off the dust that has gathered on them.

4. Tombstone cleaners
Death is not nice, but there are people who cash in on this part of the life cycle. At safely guarded graveyards, you may get teen entrepreneurs handing out flyers to regularly clean up graves, renew flowers and/or place a teddy bear on the grave during special anniversaries.

3. Rent a funeral mourner
It’s natural to hope someone cries for you during your funeral. Rather than leaving it to chance, people may rent out a funeral mourner or two to come suited in black attire and anonymously burst into tears. It is done in many parts of the world.

2. Surprise gifts
If you really like surprises then you can order a surprise gift to yourself or another online. It is such a surprise that even the one ordering it does not know what’s inside. It can be a party game, reverse clock, chocolates, handmade jewellery… you can get pretty much almost anything legal from the SomethingStore.

1. A cuddling movement 
Established almost 13 years ago by two relationship counsellors, this organisation specialises in… cuddles. After all, who would not like a good, solid warm fuzzy hug in a safe and controlled environment? There are cuddle parties from Australia to Vancouver, where people from all over meet to experience welcomed affection, workshops and relationship counselling.

Weird and wonderful opportunities abound, it’s all about having the self-assurance to believe in your idea and the right guidance to turn your passion into a business. Design your future at the #TeenBoss workshop this month – book your spot today before another enterprising entrepreneur turns your idea into their own dream!

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