7 Habits that make great young leaders even greater

Look at a blade of grass. See how it dances in the wind. How it bends in the storm. It does not try to withstand the storm with might, but dances in the rain like never before.

Nature teaches us without saying a word. It stands tall and personifies strength to those who have eyes to see. Young leaders in the making can outshine the rest by understanding these nature inspired habits.

1. Your challenge is your unique selling proposition (know yourself)

Stop trying to change yourself in terms of your design. You have the specifications to win your race. A blade of grass uses its agility, flexibility and size to withstand a storm that tears down the great bamboo tree.

2. Stay grounded

Without the soil, sun, water and so forth; you simply cannot thrive. Don’t make a dash for cover when things get tough. Stay grounded. Right there at the bottom, that’s where you get your nutrients and all you need to grow.

3. Dirt (crap) is good

There are times when we are pushed on every side and it feels downright crappy. Look at a blade of grass and learn. Convert the crap into manure and let it make you greener.

4. Stick around

How easy it is to give up when funding doesn’t emerge or ideas run dry. Learn from nature; even though covered up in snow and drained of colour; nature embraces itself for winter for the blossoms of spring and hangs on to the hope that life is seasonal. No matter how cold and dark the winter may be – light and spring/summer are coming.

5. Break-off dead weight

In nature, there is no time to carry liabilities. They give way to the stronger. Don’t sit too long crying over a bad decision that you made. Get over it fast. Let long term goals aid you with current decision making. Get rid of negative people and thoughts.

6. Allow yourself to be stepped on for the bigger good (servant leadership)

A blade of grass allows itself to be stepped on so that others don’t have to walk in the mud. You need to adopt an attitude of servitude and to spare a thought to better your world.

7. Bunch up once in a while

We often find several blades of grass grouped together. United they create a wonderful green lawn. Don’t be afraid to team up and create meaningful partnerships every now and then. Get a mentor. Play your part.

If these 7 habits can be lifelong lessons from a blade of grass to aspiring young leaders, how much more can we learn from the rest of nature regarding our bodies, hearts, minds and spirit? Of all things, pray for eyes that see and seek understanding. Look around you. Nature stands teaching in all her glory. Listen.

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