Who says you need to be a grown-up to start your own business? Teen entrepreneurs have loads of skills that they can use to begin making money right now! All you need is a great idea, and the motivation to make it happen. So if you want to launch a small business, but you’re out of business ideas… we have a few options for you to consider below.

Teach what you know

Got a specific skill that you think others may be interested in learning? Teach it!

1. Subject tutoring

If you’re top of the class in a particular subject, consider offering tutoring at an hourly fee. Teaching also helps to reinforce your own learning, so you benefit too!

2. Music lessons

Many people are interested in learning the basics of piano or guitar. If you’re an advanced musician, offering simple music lessons can be a way to make some extra cash.

3. Get crafty with homemade goodies

If you’re creative when it comes to making or baking, you can definitely turn this skill into a lucrative business.

  • Homemade jams and pickles – These are fun to make, and customers love the natural and organic appeal of homemade preserves.
  • Speciality biscuits and cupcakes – Bakers with a creative flair can make lots of money from selling beautifully iced cupcakes or biscuits that people like to buy for special occasions.

4. Gift wrapping and luxury packaging

Stationery freaks can turn their obsession into a money-generating business. Gift wrapping is really lucrative during the holidays, and homemade embellishments also sell well.

5. Online and digital businesses

Are you passionate about everything online? Use your skills to make some moola!

6. Sell your crafts on Etsy

An Etsy store is a fantastic way to showcase your creations – anything from beaded jewellery to hair scrunchies – and earn some cash as well.

7. Offer social media services

If you love social media as much as we do, then offer social media services to local business. It’s easy to design posts using an app like Canva, and many businesses are happy to pay someone to post and manage replies on their social media accounts.

Other business ideas for teens

House sitting, pet sitting, babysitting, dog walking, lawn mowing: there are so many things that young entrepreneurs can do to make money! Start small, think big, grow slow… and the sky’s the limit!