There is much emphasis placed on the importance of championing entrepreneurialism within the local youth for each individual’s own personal benefit, and for increasing the chances of a brighter future. What we often forget is how much of an impact these entrepreneurs are sure to have on South Africa’s economic climate and transformation in the years to come…

Transforming ideas

A young entrepreneur is in possession of a variety of skills and characteristics. These include the ability to take calculated risks, the ability to solve problems, and the ambition and drive necessary in order to innovate… all of which are essential when it comes to assisting an emerging economy in terms of successfully moving ahead!

Take the USA, for example. Did you know that this powerhouse country receives more than half of its annual economic growth from industries and businesses that weren’t even in existence a few years ago? This can be directly attributed to the powerful drive of the country’s blossoming entrepreneurs!

So why should South Africa be any different?

The good news is that, at a national level, South Africa already boasts around 2 million small businesses. What we should be asking ourselves is how we can double, triple, and even quadruple, that number!

Here at Teen Entrepreneur, we believe that the way in which to give South Africa the boost that it needs is by inspiring and educating our youth from as early an age as possible. We believe that by providing young potential entrepreneurs with the right tools, resources and support, they will mature with everything that they need to spark change and take action, all in the name of transforming our country for the better.

We need your support! You can register online via our website as a parent supporter, investor or champion principal / teacher… and together, we can start making a difference today!