26 08, 2012

Creating a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

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Instilling a culture of entrepreneurship in teenagers INTRODUCTION With such high unemployment among young people in South Africa, there is great need to rethink strategy. SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation was formed specifically to instill a culture of entrepreneurship in teenagers . Its findings have been both eye opening and challenging. SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation has [...]

2 04, 2012

Global Change Makers

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Stop!  Halt!  Pull yourselves towards yourselves.  All this teen talk is so fabulously focused but lets’ consider other points of view and approaches.  Have you heard of a social entrepreneur?  No, not jolling with your china’s or your china’s china’s in a new party venue; this in fact is a pretty profound entrepreneurial endeavour in [...]

26 03, 2012

Inspiring Islam

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14 and dealing with skin breakouts and girlfriends is one thing.  Setting up a web design business and then ditching that to become a junior trader at 16 on the New York stock exchange, quite possible.  Sure you say, if your names Sabirul Islam.  Not so fast it could be you! A risk taker, passionate [...]