Main Objective

The Association has been formed to spearhead the creation of High Schools Entrepreneur Societies. It is hoped that each High School will establish its own Society that will become a nucleus for the propagation and spread of entrepreneurship spirit in the school environment. Each Society will operate under the terms of reference issued by the Association and will also benefit from its relationship with the association.


The Association is headed by a Director and Administrator who overseas the day today running of the affairs of the Association. A group of 4 Trustees will assist the Director in creating various links with government departments, Business Networks, Schools, and Civil Society. The Association will, through the office of the Director be responsible for fundraising activities.

Activities of the Association

  • Fundraising and Sourcing resources for the propagation of  Schools Societies
  • Creating a framework for the Schools Societies
  • Organising provincial and national competitions
  • Creating various holidays and Weekend Activities that promote the growth and spread of entrepreneur activities
  • Guide and assist each new school Society


The Association will be made of school societies. Joining fee of R100 will be paid to the Association. Each School member will be able to use the Association’s logos pre-fixed by the Association’s logo. The membership benefits will include:

  • Entrepreneurship training workshop design
  • Holiday Entrepreneurship boot camps
  • Access to the Association’s vast network of trainers, mentors, speakers and programs
  • Access to collective funding sources
  • Participation in both Provincial and National Competitions and programs designed by the Association in its quest to promote entrepreneurship

For each school to join or to get more information, please email or call Nadia Snyders:
021 447 6183