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Thursday, 26 May 2016, Issue #4


Greetings principals, teacher champions, learners, parents, and other partners who take an active (or passive) interest in the activities of the SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation. We have been very busy over the last couple of months, and our journey has seen us forming interesting partnerships and connecting on projects which will do much to entrench our commitment to promoting a culture of entrepreneurship at as many high schools as possible across the country. Our monthly newsletter is a means of staying in touch with you and sharing some of our exciting developments, but we are also very active on social media, and would love to engage with you on these platforms too. Do like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Not only will you be able to get a glimpse of what we are up to, but people are engaging with us on a number of relevant issues relating to entrepreneurship and enterprise development. Why not get in on the action…?   Icon-FacebookIcon-TwitterIcon-YouTubeIcon-Website


Young entrepreneurs at the Ikamvalethu High School in Langa raised funds for their Entrepreneur Society by cooking and selling traditional African food at their school on Africa Day. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be ploughed into the group's big business idea. Well done Ikamvalethu, you are displaying the traits of true entrepreneurs!! The society at Ikamvalethu High School is sponsored by Shoprite.




In our previous newsletter we shared with you information about the launch of our start-up weekends, which essentially are entrepreneurship and innovation short courses aimed primarily at learners who do not belong to Entrepreneur Societies at school level. Branded #TeenBoss, the module will also extend to other youth groups who wish to gain the requisite knowledge and skills to start their own businesses. Our first #TeenBoss short course will kick off on 29 June until 01 July at The River Club in Observatory @ R1,450 per person for this life-changing course. If you wish to sign up, or know of someone who could benefit from attending, kindly contact Lydia Zingoni on Or to book direct: CLICK HERE.



We caught up with Ms Nedyerdine Abrahams, Teacher Champion at Oude Molen Academy of Science and Technology, on what the SA Teen Entrepreneur Programme means to her and her team. To excel and achieve success you need to work diligently and passionately towards your dreams. Opportunity will not come knocking at your door, and therefore we here at Oude Molen Academy of Science and Technology are very thankful for the opportunity to develop the inner entrepreneur within our learners. You have to believe in yourself and embody the very essence of what it is to be an individual. This will demand that you to step up and step out of the comfort zone known as "I will do it later." Growth happens only on the edge outside of the comfort zone. Individuality is premised on the ability to use your own abilities in such a way that will make your dreams a reality. I am proud to say that my entrepreneurship class embodies all these ideas. The atmosphere amongst the learners shows excitement and motivation due to the practical application of their newly acquired knowledge. This entrepreneurship class equips my students with intellectual traits and skills that will support the realisation of dreams, and that is my ultimate goal as an educator.


Entrepreneur Realities

Being an entrepreneur presents an amazing opportunity to test your innovative business ideas and see if they will work. It provides a way of bringing your passion to life as you play your part in making people's lives better. Embarking on this entrepreneurial adventure can be the most exhilarating, happy, frustrating – and profitable – journey of your life. Myth: Entrepreneurs have limited dedication Reality: Dedication is/should be a trait that all entrepreneurs display. They are generally dedicated to their businesses, and to this end, will work tirelessly to see it succeed. However hard entrepreneurs work to grow and develop their businesses, many do tend to change direction from time to time. Often, it is this ability to switch direction quickly which is essential for success. Myth: Entrepreneurs are often ruthless or deceptive Reality: Sadly, some people do believe that you have to be deceptive to make it as an entrepreneur. Quite the opposite! The ruthless or deceptive entrepreneur will potentially alienate others and waste time and energy trying to repair relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers… or simply fail. Myth: Entrepreneurs are mainly motivated to get rich Reality: Most entrepreneurs will concur that starting a business is not a get-rich-quick alternative; new businesses usually take from one- to three years to show a profit. Before then, you are considered to be doing well if you break even. During the start-up phase, the main focus of the entrepreneur is likely on creating a company with a strong financial base with future growth in mind. Remember, there's nothing embarrassing, though, about being partially motivated by money!  
AWAKEN THE GIANT BREAKFAST A ROARING SUCCESSAwaken-May-2016Our 'Awaken the Giant Breakfast' on 14 May was a huge success. Our speaker received a standing ovation from the learners after her most inspiring talk. Below are a few pics which capture the events of the morning.Truth-SpitterBrian Mbuleki, aka Truth Spitter from Spes Bona, shares his creative tunes with his fellow-learners.DeliaBusinesswoman, Delia Cupido, inspires learners and champions with her entrepreneurial story.TE-May2016Learners listening to the various talks.Lydia-TeenBossSA Teen Entrepreneur Director, Lydia Zingoni, sports her #TeenBoss-branded t-shirt. Tribe The team from Tribe waits to share details about #TeenBoss with the learners.    
  DATES TO DIARISE Calendar If you're based in Cape Town, you need to ensure that the following dates are in your diary! #TEENBOSS 29 June - 01 July ENTREPRENEURIAL GAMES CHALLENGE 23 July Best of luck with your exams, study hard, and enjoy an awesome June holiday!    
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