Teen businesses – a variety of options exist

If you are the loving parent of a teenager today, you’ve probably heard about the young people out there who are earning more every year than the GDP of a small country, after having invented some kind of game, website or other wonderful invention that involves a computer. While the internet and technology in general offer great opportunities for teen entrepreneurs, these are not the only options open to a teenager who wishes to start his or her own business.

What are the reasons for the technology craze?  None of us can deny that technology plays a huge role in everyday life in the 21st century. Today’s teens spend a great deal of time on social media websites while others spend hours playing computer games or taking part in gaming tournaments. Whether or not we agree with these trends, they are here to stay and are beginning to have an impact on the business environment too.

It should come as no surprise that teens today aspire to create the next big thing in social media or gaming and retire at the age of 27 with billions of dollars in the bank. Sadly, not everyone achieves this level of success quite so soon, and teens that don’t have a passion for the internet may feel like they can’t be entrepreneurial. Fortunately, there are many options for teens wanting to start their own businesses.

A teen entrepreneur with a talent for all things technological should of course be encouraged to explore the world of software and websites. Similarly, teenagers who are artistically gifted can start small businesses with minimal finances, like producing cards for birthdays and Christmas or painting portraits for a small fee. Teaching extra lessons to younger teens is an excellent way to start a small business, as is babysitting or starting a carwash on Saturdays, not to mention the age-old boerewors stand!

A variety of options exist for entrepreneurial teens, and the guidance of a parent can be key in determining their success!