15 06, 2013

Exploring your teen’s entrepreneurial potential

There is no doubt that young people have the potential to make a huge success in business at a young age these days. Unlike previous generations who finally found financial success in their fifties after a lifetime of work, the current generation of young entrepreneurs are rewriting the rules when […]

13 06, 2013

Teen businesses – a variety of options exist

If you are the loving parent of a teenager today, you’ve probably heard about the young people out there who are earning more every year than the GDP of a small country, after having invented some kind of game, website or other wonderful invention that involves a computer. While the […]

10 06, 2013

Discipline and success – how to encourage these attributes in a teen entrepreneur

Peruse the business section of any bookshop and you’ll notice the sheer number of books dealing with the same theme: keys to success. From New York to London to Tokyo and seemingly everywhere in between, there are business experts publishing their views on what makes a successful manager, CEO or […]

8 06, 2013

Supporting an entrepreneurial teen

Those of us who have teenagers know just how much they love to dream. If they aren’t diving head-first into some new fad or craze, then they are rebelling against it! Sometimes teenage antics can test the patience of any parent, but if your teenage son or daughter has an […]