Exploring your teen’s entrepreneurial potential

There is no doubt that young people have the potential to make a huge success in business at a young age these days. Unlike previous generations who finally found financial success in their fifties after a lifetime of work, the current generation of young entrepreneurs are rewriting the rules when it comes to how wealth is generated and who generates it.

If your teen has shown signs of being entrepreneurial, and you have taken the wise and brave decision to support him or her in this direction, you may be wondering how to proceed from this point. One of the first things that your teen will want to do is explore the idea of being an entrepreneur, and find out what is involved. Internet research and speaking to business owners can provide some of this, but the best way of learning is by doing. So, what is to be done?

In June/July of this year, SA Teen Entrepreneur will be hosting a Winter Academy for aspiring young entrepreneurs. From June 27th to July 1st teens will receive training and work in groups, learning how to develop a business idea from the ground up.

During our Winter Academy, a variety of topics will be covered. The first two days will be dedicated to teaching participants about the generation of a business idea, how to plan for successful entrepreneurship, the fundamentals of finance, as well as project management.

Days two and three will see participants working in groups to develop a business idea entirely. Our expert team will assess the business ideas for viability and the participants will learn valuable skills including analysing important issues surrounding the business they are developing and of course the invaluable skill of teamwork.  The final day has been reserved for presentations, where parents and student advisors will be welcome to attend.

Through our Winter Academy, aspiring teen entrepreneurs will be given an opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial potential, and lay the foundations for their future success.