24 06, 2016

Mission Possible – #TeenBoss Ignition

There’s something about being a boss that calls for a degree of respect from peers and even older folks, but understand that respect is earned and not guaranteed. It’s got nothing to do with age or structural hierarchy. A “natural” boss is someone who inspires and instills confidence in others, […]

22 06, 2016

A countdown to the Top 5 strange businesses (you didn’t know exist)

As a young entrepreneur in the making, it is unlikely that you will have escaped the often heard and repeated advice that “entrepreneurs need to spot a gap and come up with innovative creative solutions”. There’s so much more to youth entrepreneurship though than lemonade stands, dog walking services and […]

15 06, 2016

The perks of being your own #TeenBoss

We could tell you that South Africa has one of the highest numbers of youth unemployment in the world, but chances are you’ve already figured that out. There’s something brave that just can’t be ignored about youth. We commemorate June as Youth Month to honour a generation of youth who arose 40 years […]

10 06, 2016

Top 7 inspirational quotes every teen entrepreneur should live by

There comes a time when you need to motivate yourself from the inside out. Sometimes in the journey of becoming a successful teen entrepreneur, you must resuscitate yourself in the midnight hour.

You may need to amputate friendships, harmful addictions and activities that kill your innovation. Make no mistake, it is […]

1 06, 2016

Do schools really nurture creativity?

Much has been said about school systems in general and how effective they are in preparing learners for “the real world.” One such timeless talk – which is still as relevant today as it was about a decade ago when it was made, was given by Sir Ken Robinson. He […]

27 05, 2016

So you’ve got a startup – what’s next?

Nothing hurts like talking to yourself about your awesome startup. Teens can come up with the most innovative and creative entrepreneurial ideas, implement them and start something significant, but many forget that it takes effort (and a marketing strategy) to spread the word.

You trade your social life for this dream, […]

18 05, 2016

Simple guide to cashing in on your hobby

Many can answer the question of what their hobbies are, but when it comes down to coming up with a million-rand business idea, brain-freeze often creeps in. What if the two did not need to be apart and you could cash in on that very thing that you so dearly […]

14 04, 2016

Teen Entrepreneurs – everything or nothing

When no one dares to believe in your start-up business idea and it seems like even legislation has conspired against you… Do you have the staying power to press on even after being written out? Teen entrepreneurs who make it big are the ones who manage to harness some sort […]

7 04, 2016

Bright sparks shine brighter at Idea Café sessions

Do you think you have what it takes to think your way to the top? We’re not talking about opening a spaza shop on the corner, or shining shoes at a parking lot (not that we’re hating), but what we are gracefully trying to ask is do you have a […]

31 03, 2016

High School Entrepreneur Clubs/Societies

By now you may have picked up on the trendy phrase “High School Entrepreneur Clubs/Societies”. Not only are these societies setting social media abuzz, but young people are being empowered to own the entrepreneurial space for themselves. It is about the fun of joining in with like-minded cool ‘peeps on […]